Friday 19 April 2013

Every single second counts......

          Just to remind myself as well as others the value of life. First that it is a sacred gift from God and that it is ought to be shared with others. I have that responsibility---in fact-- a very serious one --to take care of my own self. I need not to create complicated ways to do it yet just by takin ggood care of this everyday makes it a very loving way of reciprocating this gift. 

          However, there are many factors in which I can begin with like taking care of my physical aspect and many more (emotional, spiritual, social etc.). There are so many do's and don'ts in my everyday living. Nevertheless, there could be times wherein I would fail in this daily undertaking. Yet at the end of the day, let this be a part of my daily perspective--to look back on all of my daily events and to express gratitude for all the good things I receive during the day and to feel sorry for all my wrongdoings. I may sound egoistic yet that is how the reality looks to me. 

          This is a primary duty to take care of my self growth. On the other hand, I also have that big responsibility to share this gift of life to others especially those who are deared to me. I need other people as well as others need me. That is the beauty of life---that I am able to realize that I am made unique from others so that I will come to know that there is a mutual need for each other. Others may not like me however I will focus on those who will assist me to grow deeper on myself. There is always be beauty in sharing myself with others. Hence, I will always strive for perpection as I am tasked to be and I will always extend this very self with others. There is no appropriate word also to describe when I feel the warmth of other people's care and love for me. 

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