Saturday, 27 April 2013

Love Prospered By Time

          Love prospered by time, that fills the memories. Memories are forever that makes us smile for a while even amidst confusions. Heart always beats, even feeling discontentment and suspicion sometimes. Heart is the reason for breathing, so asfor dying. Likely, few become insane, desperate, and unhappy bearing the fruit of mishandling the relationship.

          In crossing through the waves of adversities, the strength comes not from the paddles but the hands that hold the latter. As a cliché says, “It takes TWO to tango…”, therefore, partners form the strength to strongly overpass the challenges. 

         Love’s worth is more than a life. No one knows the fixed price. It has no monetary value. Some think it pays lower; some think it pays higher. Misunderstanding happens because we tend to gain back the price of how much we invest. Loving is not to outgive but to forgive.

          So, love as much as you can, considering his incomparable sweetness and caress despite imperfection. Understand that everybody hasn't the same MENTAL and EMOTIONAL ABILITY as yours to interpret and perceive things happening. Indeed, same as you, no one is PERFECT!!! Besides, we have angel/s to inspire us daily...

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