Sunday 16 April 2023

Health is Wealth

          Last Friday, I skipped work due to some pain on my knee part. It  started the day before while I was attending to my role at the workplace . As a result,  I went to see the doctor on that day and she initially assessed my condition as related to arthritis pain. She further recommended me for x-ray to find out the extent of the pain. 

          While I was resting at home since that day, I told myself how essential for us to maintain that good health day in and out. Comparing to any well oiled machine,  there comes a point in our life that we will suffer inconvenience in our bodies such as illness and others.


          Indeed I know that this life is a gift and alongside with it is my huge responsibility to take care of it. And maintaining harmony as well as balance is my precious task. We need to take care of our bodies and think closely how we treat all its facets including physical, mental, social, psychological and others. 

        Being busy in whatever endeavour we are in is and never an excuse for us to forget listening to our bodies. On the other hand, we should also refrain from whatever activity that can cause negative outcome to it such as participating in vices and the like. After all, it is very true that "Health is Wealth!" We should love and nurture our bodies for our sake, for the sake of its giver as well as for our loved ones.  


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