Monday 10 April 2023

A Poem

There is a You
For the world 
To look At
There is a You
Around which
The world spins
He walks silently
To every glance
Every step
The road left behind
Becomes light


Guest Writer: Victoria Dutu


Victoria Dutu is a graduate of the faculties of mathematics- 1995 and philosophy- 1999, University "Al. loan Cuza" lasi. She is a full-time mathematics teacher at the "Traian: Theoritical High School in Bucharest. 

She participated in Art and Book Festivals and Fairs in the country and abroad. She has won national and international prizes for painting and poetry and has has painting exhibitions in the country and abroad. New York, Miami, Oxford, London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Medellin-Columbia, Berlin, Velden-Austria, the center of France at Chouzy-sur-Cisse, Sanremo, Poland, Switzerland, Romania and Bucharest. 

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