Wednesday 22 July 2015

Why Some People Take Advantage of Others?

           Just recently, I have read in the news how a huge amount of money from people was lost as a result of a scam. And as far as I could remember, this is not the single case which I heard of involving the same controversy and sad reality. In fact, this very miserable experience is happening not just in one country but I believe that this is also true even to countries such as USA, Australia, UK and the like.

          Examples of these scams could be online shopping and auctions, dating scams, computer virus/malware/spyware, rental fraud etc.   

          Therefore, this is happening everywhere and it is sad to note that many of these victims are innocent ones. While it is true that others fall as victims since they want instant big cash but it is very unnerving for some to undergo a terrible experience. 

         On the part of these scammers, one of the reasons they are able to go through into such trap for others is the greediness that lies inside their hearts. And what makes it very sickening is the truth that those people who become victims have families of their own, have children to feed, to send into school, to cloth and to provide other provisions.

          If only these swindlers  realise the effect and consequence they are giving to their victims, then they should be able to feel the pain itself being in such a situation. There is really no use for people to take advantage on any way on others, rather we might as well lend a hand to others and be instruments of growth for them. 


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