Saturday, 4 July 2015

Possibilities Abound

          One time while at work, I was listening to the music and at a certain moment, the DJ greeted all his listeners of the day then wished everyone a great new day. While listening to him, I was struck by what he once mentioned that in each of our days, many possibilities are bound to happen. And I moved on with the rest of my day responsibilities, I once in a while thought of it and realised that indeed, what he said is true. 

         Everyday exactly is full of surprises for all of us. And even though no one among us knows exactly what will happen during the course of the day yet it is always beneficial for us to stay positive on things. Learn to say good bye to those bad energies in the past. Allowing oneself to move on is difficult especially if the pain inflicted by another party is deep penetrating. However, if we convince ourselves that we can move on from this pain and rather stay on what is positive out of the experience then most probably we will learn to step forward.

          In short, let us not allow any distraction to block our way to self development. On the other hand, let us enjoy all the possibilities brought by a new day such as enjoying the company of our family, relatives, friends and others. Sharing time with good and special people in our life nurture our day. Let us also open up ourselves to other possibilities at work like fulfilling all our tasks of the day, or receiving a salary increase from our boss, or helping a workmate at his job, so on and so forth.

          Hence, every new day brings opportunities for growth not just for ourselves but also for others whom we come into contact any time of the day.


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