Saturday 20 September 2014

Life is a Continuing Education

          Presently, I am enjoying my four online courses on two different learning institutions. These are Coursera, a US based online institution, while the other one is Open Universities Australia. Networked Life and Cryptography- these two are my ongoing courses on Coursera while Writing for the Web and Online Advertisements are the subjects I presently enrolled in on the Australia Open Universities. 

          Networked Life is such an interesting topic since it allows us to trace back the relationships that we have on our online activities such as Facebook, Linked and others. One among the interesting topics that could be found on this course is Basics of Game Theory. This topic discusses essential elements such as human behaviours comparing to game remarks. There is also a discussion on matrix on games, payoffs and the like. 

          On the other hand, the course on Cryptology allows the participants to gain early understanding on the development of ciphering messages and how to protect one's messages especially those sensitive ones to be intercepted by others. Another positive outcome of this course is by allowing the participants to use messages encryption.

           The other two remaining courses are also both stimulating for they both enable the participants to gain further knowledge on how to produce effective and positive outcomes on our daily activities on the web. We all know that nowadays engaging activities online is but a part of our daily life. Now exist so many forms of avenues on which one can communicate online and some of these are laptop, mobile, tablet and the like. However, one also must be very vigilant in using these modern technologies for they also pose threats to human beings if not properly utilised. 

          Hence, everyday for you and me is a continuing education and may we continue to open our arms to embrace all these learnings and facilitate them for our positive advancement. 


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