Friday 25 April 2014

Have You Been Deceived in Your Whole Life?

          One time, while I was reading the newspaper, I got a chance to scan about a story of a woman who pretended to be a disable person for such a long period of time so as to receive assistance from the government. As I discovered more details about her story, I later found out that she was so used to such situation that she survived years being in her modus. 

          Until one time that she came into a personal altercation with her neighbor. Consequently, this neighbor was so furious with her that she started to make a discreet spying on her everyday activities till she found out about her activity- that she received allowance for being a disable person when in fact, in reality she is very much fit and is able to apply for any job. 

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          Driven by her desire to get even with her neighbor, she recorded some of her activities and then the truth came out. In life, there comes a point wherein one makes a white lie so as to preserve a situation. However, making false accusations and claims to gain something in return is an irresponsible act and it denies the development of a true relationship with another person.

          For sure, one's inner person includes a sense of compassion and it only takes one's humility to realize that he/she needs another person to help him/her in that lonely or discouraging situation. Remember then why we are created unique from one another? One of those reasons is for us to realize that we need each other and that we don't need to deceive and exploit the other. The challenge therefore for you and me is how to be a positive contributor to the growth of the other person. Hence, we need to promote more compassion rather than exploitation.  


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