Sunday 7 May 2023

Qualities of a Good Worker

     While working as in charge of personnel in a manufacturing company in Cebu, Philippiness and here as a worker of a big company based in Melbourne, Australia, I consistently noticed essential traits or qualities that any worker should have so as to be a positive contributor to the growth of the company.

     The workers, no matter how simple or ordinary their contributions to the company, play huge roles in its success. So it is but important to have people who are equipped with the following qualities so that the company can reach its full potential and productivity.

1. Optimistic- the company needs people who are full of optimism in their work that in spite of all hindrances or distractions that come to work, they still continue to perform 100% their roles thinking first and foremost the success of the company;


2. Communication- this sometimes plays a challenge on the part of the company and basing on my personal experience here in Melbourne, Australia having the privilege of working on various industries for years, I noticed that sometimes, the inability to properly communicate an issue, situation or a problem becomes the reason then that no immediate remedy is accorded to the issue at hand. Workers in Melbourne is very rich in multiculturalism and this is somewhat very good as well as encouraging. However, the company needs to be adept and ready to listen and digest all forms of communication to properly assist them;

3. Self- motivated- this refers to the ability of any worker to go beyond his usual hours if needed by the company. He is ready to extend his working hours to in order to complete a task thinking and considering the welfare of the company before his own;

4. Cooperative- this area amazes me at my present workplace since I personally noticed that workers in our area as well as in others are displaying enough cooperation and consequently, this makes the task at hand an easy one and devoid of any stress. I always believe that workers should engage in a consistent  give and take process with the company. The latter rewards the workers with proper compensation as outcome of their contribution to the success of the former.

     These are but a few of those qualities and on my next post, I will share further additional qualities that a company should have from its workers.  


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