Sunday 23 August 2015

Another Fruitful Month for LPUCI

             Lyceum of the Philippines Culinary Institute (LPUCI) enjoys another fruitful month as it celebrates a twin positive affairs on this month. The first triumph of LPUCI is its winning major awards on the just concluded Philippine Culinary Cup (PCC). This competition was held on August 5 to 8 and what made this event a more significant one is that it was held alongside another prestigious occasion and one of the country's biggest food expo, the World Food Expo (WOFEX). 

             This event is a major one since it gathers together the country's culinary schools and battle with each other on different categories. LPUCI has been an active and an accomplished participant on this event  during the previous years and this year, it became more successful when it gathered the following awards: seven (7) gold medals, nine (9) silvers and nine (9) bronzes. 

          On this success, Chef Joel Tanjimenez, LPUCI Chef Administrator and over-all coordinator of LPUCI culinary competitions remarked, " We believe that LPUCI participants deserve the honours they reaped from PCC. It was no-piece-of-cake as they invested a lot of time on practice and perfecting their skills and their crafts for this event. Such medals is truly the fruits of their labors as we help mold these future culinary connoisseurs.

         On the other hand, another source of jubilation for the whole LPUCI community is the hosting of an international baker on two specialized programs. The internationally known chef, Master Baker Chef Peter Yuen, conducted sessions both on Viennoiserie and European Artisanal Bread programs. The said presentations were attended by young culinary apprentices as well as professionals who wished to improve their skills. 

          What makes Chef Yuen's presentation a more enticing one is its approach which is hands on and really centred on students. By so doing, he had the time to personally make a follow up on each individual participant. Chef Dan Basilio, Culinary Director of LPUCI made this statement on this regard, " I have known and witnessed the talent and skills of Chef Yuen for years. I believe that his expertise cannot only help the Filipino baking students and professionals improve their proficiency but also give them an edge in the global setting." 

          On behalf of this successful event, LPUCI announced that Master Chef Yuen will return next year 2016 to conduct another set of specialized programs. This is made possible for the benefit of those aspiring students and also for those who have missed this year's event. 

          For more updates on LPUCI's programs, one can visit their Facebook's page or pays a visit to their office and campus at Victoria corner Muralla Streets, Intramuros, Manila. For any enquiry, contact +632  318 4000 or send them an email on or

Here are the winners and the different categories:

U.S. Beef Category:
Silver ---- Errine Keith Jaramiel (Student)

Wedding Cakes Category:
Gold   ---- Jireh Rodriguez (Student)
Bronze---- Justine Valdez (Student)
Bronze---- Calvine Dale Magsombol (Student)

Dress the Cake Category:
Silver---- Dan Pausal (Student)

U.S. Pork Category:
Silver---- Justin Joshua Calayan (Student)
Bronze---- Jan Vincent Patron (Chef Instructor)

Sous Vide Category:
Silver ---- Vince Patron (Chef Instructor) and Maria Filipina Lumingkit (Student)

Chocolate Pastry Showpiece Category:
Bronze---- Anthony Sagubiense (Student)

Bread Pastry Showpiece Category:
Gold---- Holly Ann Manuel (Student)
Gold---- Nelson Gamurot (Student)

Sugar Pastry Showcase Category:
Bronze---- Jonathan Miranda (Student)

Fantasy Dessert Category:
Bronze---- Heinz Pelayo (Chef Instructor)

Local Fish and Seafood Category:
Gold---- Raymond Mendoza (Chef Instructor)

Lamb Category:
Gold---- Gyle Gicana (Student)

Young Chefs Category:
Gold----Leroy Borrega (Student) and Arriane Alovera (Student)

Pasta Category:
Silver---- Gyle Gicana (Student)

U.S. Poulty Category:
Silver- Lacel Gem Jacob (Student)

Dream Team Challenge Category:
Bronze---- Heinz Pelayo, Abram Peralta, Junjun Barlan, Grace Obrero Martinez (Chef Instructors)

Filipino Cuisine Challenge Category:
Bronze---- Ma. Louisse Enipto, Angelique Chua, and Mary Joy Gella (Students)

Plated Desserts Category:
Silver---- Angelo Zevasthian Bagos (Student)
Silver---- Maricel Masongsong (Student)
Bronze---- Myca Callo (Student)

World of Bread Category:
Gold---- Earnest Artuz (Chef Instructor) and Kris Edison Tan (Student)

Congratulations to all winners and to LPUCI...


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