Saturday 18 May 2013


          MOTHERS- the very significant people in our life who play essential roles in our growing up. Here then is a guest post from a high school student sharing to us her admiration for her mom. Basing from her own experience, this reflection will show to us how she valued her relationship with her.


Mother, mama, mommy or mum-these are just example of names that we usually give to our moms. They're the ones who carried  us while we are in their womb, the ones who`s given us the chance to see the world.  They're the ones who will teach us to be good children for the next generation. They will be the first teachers to teach us to walk, to talk, to write and read. They give us advice on how to live and survive.

They usually teach us to write and read but from those words the most important is that they also love us ,  no matter what, and even though we are at times stubborn and hard headed. In all of these, we've been
grateful for her undying love to us, her children. And that is the essence of being a woman, to give life for a child in an unconditional way. No matter what other people say she will always be there to protect and support for every achievements that a child make.
In a child's eyes, she`s the goddess.
In a child's dream, she`s the fairy god mother.
In a child's world, she`s the superhero of all time.
And for me, she`s my world and my everything.

by: Romee Christine Gallano 

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