Saturday, 18 September 2021

Life is Like a Three-Legged Stool

    While I am relaxing here on our living room with our kiddo, I am reflecting on my life and able to think of a comparison between it with that of a three-legged stool. Recalling back how lucky am I to have received all my life's blessings, I have heaps of reasons to be so glad and feel so special in spite of life's being so complicated. Everything in life then is temporary so we have to embrace every moment with openness and a welcoming spirit.

Consequently, these are my reflections for today:

A three-legged stool:
- each leg relies on each other for strength;
- on top of the stool is a space for a comfortable sitting;
- equal footing for each leg to stand in balance and in harmony;
- each leg's brace provides support and strength as the three of them are intertwined with each other
Photo by Artem Saranin from Pexels
Imagecredit: Photo by Artem Saranin from Pexels

Relating it to life:
- we need support system such as each other, family, friends, relatives, community etc. Alongside with this, there is a responsibility to nurture and constantly check the stability of each one;
- we can't survive relying merely on our own selves. Basically we need others to journey with us especially in the fulfillment of our dreams and aspirations. We need each other for life's check and balance;
- we give space for others so as to feel comfortable with us;
- we need to mutually show equal footing. As such, we are invited to render due respect to others notwithstanding any differences in terms of race, status, gender, age, and any other differences.



Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Is It Good if Both Parents are Working?

    Before, it was typical for a family that the father is the one that works while the mother takes care of the kids and at the same time managing the house. But with the present set up that we have especially here in Australia and maybe in other countries, it is a common sight to have both working parents.  These two contrasting realities have their positive and negative effects. 

    One may perhaps think that the kids with both working parents naturally receive the material benefits. As such, the parents can afford to buy anything luxurious like toys, modern gadgets, and can even send the children to exclusive and popular institutions.  Moreover,  proponents of this view argues that due to the family's extra wealth, it will enable them to go overseas for holidays. 

imagecredit: Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

    On the other hand, one of the possible negative results when both parents are working  is the deprivation of guidance and moral support to the growing children. On certain situations like fulfilling school assignments, extra curricular activities and examinations, the children will direly need the after school support of the parents. Consequently, the children would not excellently perform at school and what is worst is when they get involved with friends of bad influence. This type of friends endow no good outcome except trouble especially when they  get involved with illegal drugs, excessive drinking and the like. 

    A friend of mine in high school had parents who were both working. Yes it was true that they indeed provided her all her needs. Yet she grew up in such a situation that she badly missed her parents' support on time of assignment making, accomplishing school projects and many other endeavours. Being on this reality, she felt envious with her peers who did perform well in school most notably due to their parents' support. Apparently most of them emerged as top of their class while she was not. Consequently she lost her self confidence, became inferior in the class and aimless in. life. 

    Thus if today's trend of having both working parents will continue, I personally believe that one thing that should be given value and utmost important is the constant giving of all out support to the kids towards their growth and development. The parents' positive role modelling plays a significant part in the children's life. 

Guest writer: Myra Jugan- my beloved wife

Saturday, 17 July 2021

The New Normal AMidst The Present Day Pandemic

     Whew...... how time flies and I just didn't realise that it has been a long time since I published my last writing here. However it is but with sadness that pandemic is still very much present in our society today. As a result we have the so called "new normal" nowadays and most significant among the list is the trend nowadays to work from home and also the remote learning of our kids. 

     If one needs to become relevant there is that challenge to learn how to cope with today's reality that we have. No one among us ever have that idea when will this pandemic ends but the concreteness of surviving each single day is present in the here and now moment.

     This trend of the so called new normal is not easy though personally I see them both on the positive and the negative sides of the matter. Like for example at work, there could be limitations that working remotely will bring and also that many are not appropriately designed to work remotely so they become part of the less privileged to discontinue working amidst this pandemic. 


     Meanwhile one of the positive elements would be the opportunity of the business. owners to save especially in the physical on its physical component. Indeed it directs to a greater chance to save like electricity and others in which if you total them all will also contribute to their huge savings.

     Thus I would say that this pandemic's challenges are tough but we also have to make ourselves relevant so as to proceed with the cadence of the times. 


Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Sharing of Love Amidst A Calamity

          Australia is tested at this point in time through a major incident which is the ongoing bushfire especially in states like Victoria and New South Wales. Since last year, bushfires happened everywhere in those states plus that happened in Western Australia and South Australia. 

       It is painful to see the damages done by the tragedy- all lost lives, burned properties like houses, centres, playgrounds and millions of animals dead- they also left a burning pain on the hearts of the directly and indirectly affected. 

       On the other hand, the influx of assistance handed to the victims and to the affected states as well clearly shows the caring hearts
of others who have witnessed the said incident. How people sacrificed a part of their resources, time, presence and others to support all victims is a clear manifestation of the goodness in humanity.

       Moreover, prayers are continuously offered for them and for Australia herself since the threat of possible major bushfires is still present. Hence may the love shared and showed by Australians and non- Australians nowadays in the middle of this tragedy endow hope and strength to all.  



Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Build Your Dreams

        What drives us to wake up everyday to go to work and perform our daily activities? What motivates us to hang on to life in spite of all its challenges? How do we make our life more meaningful and worthy? The answer to these questions is our dreams- they are the ones that drive us to look up each day as a gift full of surprises

       Given that we have varied dreams from one person to the other- may this be a bright future for our family.... for our loved ones....or this is the dream of building and living in a house which you can call as your own someday......dream of achieving the best of our ability realising our potentials to its maximum capacity.

       Yet later on, we then realise that achieving our dreams is not an easy thing to do--------never an easy walk in the park.

         Challenges come along the way and they emerge in so many forms. But we need to trust in ourselves that sooner or later, we will be able to achieve them. Others can only accompany us and inspire us to proceed with the journey yet the very first ones who will and can do it is ourselves.

      Everyday, wake up to proceed in achieving this dream- never allow discouragement, negativity etc.  to hinder us to reach it. Never be contented with mediocrity. Yes it's true that failure is painful but never allow it to hold us back in attaining our DREAMS. Thus let us continue to dream big and focus our energy to reach it.


Friday, 25 January 2019

The Paradox of the Cross

          If I may ask you a question, " How would you perceive the image of the cross? Is it a sign of victory or a defeat? Is it a sign of hope or a sign of failure?" These are but some of the questions we can raise in our mind in relation to the example of our Lord Jesus Christ when He offered Himself to die on the cross. 

         Personally I would say that we should always be grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for His preparedness to sacrifice His own life to merit our salvation. With this in mind and in heart, I unceasingly put my prayer that may our minds be enlightened by the power of the Holy Spirit, the source of truth so that any decision that we will make especially those which will affect others could be honest and sincere.
Photo credit
If we can live by the principles of truth then we will be able to contribute to the peace and harmony in our society no matter where we are in. 

         Consequently the image of the cross is a paradox of what it meant to be for others. The cross where Jesus Christ died becomes a complete manifestation of His triumph over our wickedness and sinfulness. When humanity suffers insults and rejection because of the desire to follow Jesus Christ, the image of Mary comes out as a spiritual mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, who while witnessing the humiliation of her son, pleaded to God the Father for the forgiveness of His executioners and also for our own conversion. 

         As a result, the cross at this time becomes a symbol of good being triumphant over evil. May we then continue to imitate all these examples in our life in spite of all the odds out there, witnessing and believing in the concrete sacrificial act done by our Lord Jesus Christ this day. 


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Get Rid of Negativity

          January 2019 has started and maybe it is good to look at how the first few days of this month and of this year has gone undetected.  Perhaps we already encountered several incidents in the workplace, or at home, or in the streets and others that brought worries to us. That when faced with a challenging situation, we resulted to negativity and such attitude also affecting our dealings with the other members of our household. 
Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash 

          Moreover, instead of leaving behind in our workplaces or office desks/ corners the worries of our responsibilities at work, we decided to bring them at home therefore, they also stressed out those people living with us. Confronted by them, we tend to panic right away and overthink about what will happen in the future without enjoying the now moment. There is a call for us to change this perspective and as a matter of fact, we need to constantly remember that what counts most for us is our immediate time with our loved ones especially with our spouses and kids.

         We need to spend time everyday to sit back and relax then  forget about those stresses and channel our energy to improving our relationship with our spouses and children for they are the very first priority (should be!) that we have in our life. They are the reasons why we positively wake up everyday to go to work or else perform other day's tasks. Let us learn to embrace all negative elements, situations, conditions, emotions as part of us and just allow them to have their own moments. Finally, let us be friendly with them and on the other hand, we endeavour also to make each moment a positive avenue of expressing love and affection to our loved ones as well as to others. 

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